Daily Focus

Daily Focus

The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business--or almost anywhere else for that matter.~ Lee Iacocca

So what does this mean, with as much as I do in a day it is very difficult to stay focused, theres the updates for my network, for blogs, trying to promote my business, leaning how to stimulate business reading and attending webinars, then catching up emails, and retweeting tweets for friends that are followers, then theres Facebook and new friends, sharing posts,  not to mention just everyday tasks, its hard to keep up, but we do have to have some sort of structure,  so I am looking for the ultimate planner to keep me focused. So I will be looking for a great planner to use.  Stay tunned for ideas and suggestions. 10-3-2010

Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before.


So this says to me that I should continue moving forward and not give up my dreams, keep finding ways to reach for that goal, while others quit, I want to go forward to learn and accomplish new things. 10-4-2010

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog

So to me this mean that if we set goals and strive to reach them, working on them each day, then we will reep the reward of our steady work towards the goals we set out, sometime those goals for one reason or another have to be reset, however the end goal is for success. 10-5-2010

If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.
Yogi Berra

Boy have I found this to be true, I get turned around and bam, I'm heading off into another direction, so, from this I can figure that I need a plan, a schedule to adhere too, guess I should invest in one to keep me going in a straighter path.

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