Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love the fall, the harvest and all that goes with it that Gods hand, touches the leaves, the plants the crops and how he changes the seasons for us, to prepare for the bountiful harvest, it is a beautiful time, for settling in a way to calm the turmoil in our daily lives and to remember the seasons of our lives.

As for Halloween, I am not a fan, although I enjoy the excitement that is centered around fall. Fall is truly a wondrous time of the year.


  1. Fall (or Autumn as it is called where I come from) has gently made her appearance. The leaves on the trees on our street are just turning this week. Lovely time of year.

  2. I love Fall too, halloween not so much. In Canada we have Thanksgiving this weekend. So I usually give the students on my school bus a treat for Thanksgiving instead of halloween.
    I found your wonderful blog through Cross Promotions and have added your banner and link to the bottom of my blog!

  3. Hi My Friend!!
    I just came by for a visit, your blog is so beautiful and peaceful looking. I'd like to give you an's waiting for you on the frontpage of my blog:
    Enjoy, you deserve it :)

  4. I finally got my way around a bit with the blogs! Thanks for visiting my google blog and I am following your now. Your blog page looks beautiful. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons - things wind down - a time to regroup from all that activity during spring and summer. The smell of the fall leaves is so wonderful along with the rustling when walking through them. I love the smell of chimney smoke too! And boy when the first snowfall comes - I love it. Lots of reading time and indoor sewing projects! Happy Thanksgiving and a greatful fall season. Catherine


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