Sunday, December 6, 2009

In the state of the economy today we all need to make some extra cash right? Well I have found some really great FREE and LOW COST ways to do this. These companies are great and have great products or services so it is really easy to make money with them. I would love to have you on my team with any of them. So have a look at join if you like.

At Teaporia, there are no start up fees. In choosing to become a Consultant with Teaporia, you will receive:

*25% commission of all your sales.

*No MONTHLY quotas to meet....just ANY MINIMUM PURCHASE (no specific $$ amount) within 3 a month period, whether a personal sale or from a customer.
Your wholesale consultant discount will be 25% under sales of $150 but will be paid at the end of the month to assure you receive the highest commission possible. You will still receive 10% commission off anyone in your down line.

*If a consultant in your down line (or yourself) makes $500 in sales during a single month, you will also receive a $25 gratuity check as a special bonus.
On River Street Groumet

Our affiliate program is privately run and does not use an outside company for tracking or click through purposes. You can be assured that each and every sale your click-through generates will be recorded. You will receive an e-mail notification when a commission has been validated and issued to you.

* NEW Primary Affiliates will earn 10% on all sales from our website. If you generate a total of $150.00 in sales per month you will be paid a commission of 15%. Total sales cannot be rolled over from month to month to qualify for the 15% commission.


* Current Primary Affiliates who refer new Affiliates will receive a 3% commission on the new affiliates sales.
* These new affiliates will be referred to as Secondary Affiliates under the Primary Affiliate.
* Secondary affiliates are eligible to have their own Secondary Affiliates.

Shake Your Bon Bons
How would you like to earn some extra money while representing a delicious assortment of items? If this sounds good to you, read on. Shake Your Bon Bons has officially launched its affiliate program and we are looking for affiliates eager to share our yummy homemade candies and baked goods. You can earn a 25% cash commission (paid by Paypal or Money Order) or 30% store credit (valid for 6 months) just by placing our buttons and banners on your websites and blogs. Our program is free to join and we don't have sales requirements.

What Is My Blogs Name??
It’s an opportunity for every one and every business to take advantage of as you can be marketing and advertising your business right now! You can even make residual income using the network to promote your business. I just had to share this with you. Check out my new business blog.

Here’s the scoop: What is my Blogs Name, a new blogging Internet service that offers an inexpensive way for you to advertise your business. It is so easy to use and you don’t need to be a computer guru! This group advertising network has enabled me to easily create my own web presence in no time and it costs me only $9.95 per month. People who don’t even have a website are using this network because a blog is a website. How cool is that?

They even want to pay me and others like you to use their group advertising network service and refer others to do the same. It’s that simple! YES, I said pay you! They want everyone to join their advertising network and paying you through their affiliate referral program is their way of saying thank you! This is what separates them from other social networking and blogging services I have used!

The best part about this new affiliate referral program is your monthly subscription is paid for when you refer only 10 others who sign up and continue their monthly subscription. You’ve got to check this out!

Join Diamond M Sales in our Affiliate Section

Benefits include:


1. Free Sign-up


2. 30% Payout on three Levels

A. Level One ~ 15%

B. Level 2 ~ 10%

C. Level 3 ~ 5%


3. 30% off personal orders ~


4. No Minimum Orders ~ No Monthly Quotas

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