Friday, September 24, 2010

Freebie Friday

Check out our new skin care line, goes perfect will our mineral make up beauty products.

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The EntreprenHer Society TE.

I offer the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to receive targeted traffic to your business.

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Advertise your business for free, surf and win prizes. It's just that simple.
Our Scavenger Hunt is going on now and that’s thanks to our generous sponsors.
We have over 35 prizes so we are able to have lots winners but as they say
“You’ve got to play to win.” The Scavenger Hunt
was designed so that you could jump in at any time and still could win the Grand Prize!

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I’m also really excited about what’s next at the TE. We are going to have a Gift Exchange for Christmas. How fun is that? For just $4 you will able to participate.
I’m taking 50% off so now it’s just $2

Right now you can join Jafra for just $35

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The Group Deal goes live 10/01/10!

The deal goes live on 10/01/10 so spread the word! (If you do not opt-in by 10/01/10 you do not get the $5.95 rate) on this is all it costs you a month to belong. If, you sell an item, no charge; list 500 items, no charge; several  items of the same thing example 200 bookmarks, no charge. Its another great place to sell your items.

Carol Embroidered Dreams

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